Oh Happy Day!

Occured December 15, 2011, Written December 22nd, 2011

I had one of my favorite types of days today. For some reason, I woke up and was absurdly happy. I felt like I was bubbling over with this silly, joyful feeling and it was all I could do to contain myself. Of course I didn’t do a great job, but that doesn’t matter.  I’m not sure if I can explain how I felt, but I’ll try.


My feelings caught on camera by Photographer Natalia Doronina

It turned into a classic “Welcome to the Annelies Cook Shit Show” day and I think it was contagious. I forgot my boots and had to borrow a really small pair from the Rossignol Reps. They were clean and white and made my feet look so odd because they were so dainty and petite. Like little kitty paws or something. So I marched around in these little boots. Then to my horror and delight (forgive me Armin) I watched one of my coaches help me with putting Klister on my classic skis and he put it about two inches above and below my kick zone. I was horrified. For a biathlete, I tend to be a bit fastidious about my classic skis in homage to my University of Utah days. Every time I do a bad job of putting classic wax on, I feel like I can see my former Norwegian teammates and Eli Brown frowning over me with disapproval. For those of you who are not familiar with Klister, it is the stickiest wax you can use and is like glue. We were using it because it was icy outside. I had to bite my tongue as I watched it go onto more than half my ski, but I didn’t dare say anything because he was doing me a favor.

Needless to say, when me and my little white boots came out to the range, we just kept right on marching and I had a ball. Zero glide. I felt like everyone around being a little bit off. It was better that way.  And as things would go, the klister was scraped off on the downhill and then I was back to gliding again.

Then another one of my favorite feelings: skiing and listening to music. Sometimes it just makes me want to dance all over the place. I won’t deny that I love the TV show “Glee” and it’s music and this is what I was listening to.  I can’t help it. Inside of me is a music-theatre dork that has been long suppressed. There’s a good chance that if biathlon hadn’t come around I would have gone in the direction of dance or music theatre. There’s a feeling inside of me that I have to express and sometimes I just can’t contain it. I think this is why I love technique training because it is exactly the same as being in a dance studio. You have to put all this emotion and power into a form so that it can bring you somewhere.  And sometimes when I ski I get to feel like I am dancing outside in the snow. So combine that with music and exuberance and you have me on this day.

I live for days like these where your insides just feel like fireworks and if only there was a stage to leap across because you would do it.

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One Response to Oh Happy Day!

  1. George Cook says:

    Sweet day for you. You need to sing with me and Drew Benware. Maybe if you are home in July we can sing together the “Confutatis” and “Ave Verum Corpus” in a Motzart ?retrospective with the Symphonetta. Let me know; We start rehearsing again March 18 for the spring season. POPS

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