Hochfilzen Rollercoaster

Happy Girls

Check out the relay footage from the Hochfilzen World Cup! It was such a rollercoaster weekend again for me. I finished 60th in the sprint and made the pursuit by the skin on my teeth and then was very embarrassed to be lapped the next day with some very poor shooting.  I got one more chance and was pretty nervous to be the weak link in the mixed relay and then both of us ladies had great races! I was the 2nd leg of the relay and Sara tagged off to me in 5th place. Nerve wracking. Then, it was such a trip to leave the range in 2nd place. It’s too bad the camera didn’t catch the grin on my face as I skied away! So fun.

http://www5.biathlonworld.com/en/ Click on the link above, then click on the Icon for BiathlonWorld TV, and then scroll down until you see the link for Relay Mixed Replay Hochfilzen. You will get to see some fun footage of our team!  

All Pink and Purple

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One Response to Hochfilzen Rollercoaster

  1. George Cook says:

    Having fun with your newly discovered bolgography. POPS

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