Today I got to experience my first Oberhof race and I wanted to try and capture what it is like to race here. It’s unbelievable…There is some serious motivation to ski fast up this huge hill called the Bergsteigen. I was warming up and I thought that I would never forgive myself if I didn’t take a video of the fans on that hill. I might never again get to race here. You never know. So I stopped and just raised my arms and they went wild for me. It was so cool.

Here it is! I just made my first youtube video ever (exciting!!!!) because apparently you have to pay $60.00 in order to upload video’s right to your blog. Not into it, sorry. BUT I can put a youtube link right here and you can click on it and watch, which I highly suggest despite my flawed cinematography skills. I am learning a lot of technological things right now. You might have to copy and past the link if it doesn’t do that link thing where it just automatically has a line underneath it that means you can just click on it and it brings you to where it is supposed to go in the internet world. I will make it blue though for easy spotting!

Unfortunately, that was definitely the highlight of the day for me. I know that I can shoot well but there is something missing or going wrong and I haven’t figured it out yet. But now I am going to look things over with the coaches instead of just wishing and hoping I’ll get my normal flow back (which can work in biathlon), I’ll change something and make a difference myself, because shooting has always been my stable point and there is absolutely no reason I should miss 50%. I also felt a bit rusty on the skis and apprehensive of blowing up on the very huge hills here and that was how I skied. It’s a weird difference for me between the IBU cup and the World Cup. On the IBU cup I feel confident and agressive like I am going to stomp all over the other girls and here, I find myself thinking that I don’t want to get too excited and ski faster than I am able. That is a mental thing I really need to figure out and hopefully I’ll get the chance. NO WUSSING OUT!!!!

Cheers, Annelies

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  1. George Cook says:

    Best video ever from our–your’s and my–perspectives. I got myself late to meet Marijke, Denke and Ruud, but noone will care for more than a minute or two. Well worth it. Love, POPS

  2. George Cook says:

    More blog; I’m tuned in. May even get facebook going. POPS

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