The Biathlon Circus: Behind the Scenes



Awesome ski grinds (Thanks to Muck Bauer) so we can handle every snow conditions!

Ski Techs who can party all night, ski race pace all day and STILL make the fastest skis out there!

Rifle maintenance QUICK!

VERY SERIOUS COACHING- though we never listen this well!

Wax and changing Cabins! Stinky!!!

Beer tents for THIRSTY spectators

Food and Drink for the Athletes at the Y

Too much coffee drinking for the coaches…

A place where the VIP’s can eat and drink gourmet food AND watch the race

Crazy fans!

CIA looking radios and headgear

Some serious television equipment


And last but not least, SUPPORT FROM HOME!

Patrick watching the last stage of Susan Dunklee’s 5th Place Individual.

Thank you, to everyone who works their butt off so I can ski around in circles trying to hit targets,


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2 Responses to The Biathlon Circus: Behind the Scenes

  1. AA says:

    Hello and a hug from the ADKs,
    Nice photo essay plus you have a million dollar smile. Thanks kiddo.
    Art and Anita

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