A day in the life of…

Someone asked me to write about a day in the life of myself and I have been meaning to do this for quite some time. I thought that I would rather show it in photos and had fun trying to remember to take photos throughout a day. Turns out, it is harder that you might think to take photos of yourself all day long! So these are representatives

6:30-7:00 wake up and coffee!

… but are actually taken on many different days throughout the summer!

With the superstar lifestyle that American biathletes live, I share my parents mini van- complete with car seats for grandchildren and trips to the dump!

My parents bike to work locally and I drive 15-30 minutes to Lake Placid each day depending on what the construction is like. RIght now, it is a 30 minute drive. I am so thankful that they are willing to share a vehicle with me because my own car died about a year ago and I can’t get a new one!

Morning ski walking intervals up Whiteface mountain with the girls in Lake Placid! Such a beautiful day! I like to bring my dog Luca whenever I can. She’s a trooper and the fastest little thing you’ve ever seen!

Thanks to the OTC, I am lucky to have full-time professional physical therapists and athletic trainers to help keep me put together. This summer, I have been having trouble with chronic inflammation with one of my knees and IT band syndrome with my other. Karen has been helping me with taping, exercises and Graston. Graston is a technique used to activate muscles and tendons so they fire propely and it is very painful! Sometimes you even get nasty bruises from it.

Most of us chow down at the OTC cafeteria for lunch. It is really convenient for all of us who live in the area but don’t actually live at the OTC. This summer, we had the luxury of watching the Olympics and eating at the same time.

If not nap-time at the OTC where I am lucky to have a room, it is errand time or computer work time!

Luca likes to come run errands and chill in the baby-seat. I like to think of my parents mini van as a truck van with lots of space for things.

Some core strength in the gym after shooting.

After training in the afternoon or if we have an off day… then time for some fun. Going out in the boat and eating dinner on an Island sounds like a good time to me

Lucky to live in a beautiful place. The view from our picnic rock.

Luca is tired out and so am I! Time for bed.

Luca likes to keep my feet warm at night after I kick her down to the bottom of the bed